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Kerry, Seattle Home Seller
One word: Wow. If someone is going to sell a high-end condo in Seattle, you are clearly the one. With the one/two punch of your keen, informed and aggressive market analysis, razor sharp marketing skills, and team of stagers and video and photography production crew you surround yourself with, we were able to set a new record for the building, generate multiple bids over a million, and sell for hundreds of thousands over asking price – all within 5 days, with a 7 day close. On top of that, your responsiveness and nimbleness in taking care of every element of the sale, allowed me to be traveling for work out of the country, and have 100 percent confidence that everything would be taken care of perfectly – and it was. We simply could not recommend you more highly. Absolutely stunning work.
Gabriela Parks and Cesar Norieg
Denise Seavitt was wonderful, kind, and compassionate when assisting me in the selling of my Father's home. She dealt amazingly so with his dementia and with the journey that we all went through form open house to closing. Her ability as a realtor is surpassed only by the inner core of who she is as a person.. Love her and would highly recommend her to anyone. She found the most awesome buyers and went to make the entire process of selling my childhood home almost painless. Gabriela Parks on behalf of her mom and dad Cesar Norieg: In May of 2012 during an open house I listened to voicemail message that went something like this: “I just need to let you know that my father is not able to sell his home and if he calls you, do not list it or discuss real estate with him!” The voice was on the edge of angry and I thought to myself, who the heck is she talking about? So, I called her. Come to find out her Dad, who they recently discovered had dementia, had flown back from the east coast after his daughter had convinced Mr. and Mrs. Noriega to move to the east coast so that she and her family could take care of them. Mr. Noriega refused to stay and headed home he said to sell the house. After talking to Gabriela, we came up with a plan that I would just go meet with him if he called. He had found my number on a For Sale sign just around the corner and he did call. I worked with him and he felt in control during a time in his life where control was really not his in many venues. It took us several months to get the home ready for an open house and there were many challenges with Mr. Noriega’s memory. When I showed up for the first open house he did not know who I was and why there was a sign in his yard. Each day, I re-introduced myself and each day he took another step into the darkness. During open houses ALL of the agents and their clients knew the situation and everyone went above and beyond to show their respect for Mr. Noriega and his declining health and challenges. It is both a heart warming and heart-wrenching story, but after several months we did successfully sell and close the home and Mr. Noriega moved to the east coast to be with his family.
Lynn and Howard Behar
We met Denise when buying a condo in Edmonds for a relative. We were so impressed, we asked her to look for a condo downtown for us. Denise was ALWAYS available, ready and willing to show us anything. We almost bought a condo once, and she was gracious when we backed out on the last day. In the end, we bought a condo in a very complicated situation and she was amazing. The details, legal paperwork and number of attorneys involved meant she really had to be on top of it all, and she was. She communicated with all of us intelligently and constantly. I don't know how she had time to do anything else for weeks. We are now in the position of needing to rent out the condo for a year, and Denise was the person we turned to for rental management. She has had to coordinate repairs, provide us contracts, and take care of a million details to do this. We feel extremely confident in her abilities and appreciate her immensely
Georgina & Ryan Murphy
Denise was very patient with us as we searched for our home. She was attentive and flexible when we found homes we liked and gave great advice throughout the process. She is very knowledgeable with not only the home purchasing process, but also in scoping out potential issues and helping clients to see the full potential of the home. She quickly responded to our questions and made us feel like she was looking out for our best interest. We look forward to working with her again in the future and would highly recommend her to any family or friends who are looking to purchase a home!
Buyers Agent
I usually describe the offer right here, but first, I just want to say I hope your clients appreciate how fortunate they are to have such an excellent agent representing them. I think it's fair to say that it is quite uncommon to find a professional who is both thorough and discerning in any profession, let alone real estate. Yet, it is clear that you have both qualities in abundance. My clients have taken care to include many of the things important to your clients, so I am sure your clients will accept the offer, in which case I am looking forward to working together.

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My purpose has always been to help others, from being a tennis pro to teaching at Texas A&M to helping people invest in real estate. I have spent 30+ years helping people navigate the world of real estate. My goal is to both help you put together a real estate investment game plan and implement it.