Reasons to Move to the Pacific Northwest

Posted on: August 10, 2021

While the rainy days might not draw you in, there truly is so much to love about the Pacific Northwest. From our soaring mountain regions to our magnificent waterfront, rich cultural diversity, and beyond, there’s so much to embrace, and explore when you live in the region we call home. Us PNWers couldn't list everything we love, all of our favorite spots, and hidden gems or share stories from our favorite explorations (we'd be here forever!), but instead, we’ll share some of the things we know you’ll enjoy most about calling the Pacific Northwest home. 


Breathtaking Summers

With incredibly long days, relatively moderate temperatures, and the most stunning of sunsets, summer is the best time of year in the Pacific Northwest. Add in that the extra hours of daylight allow the perfect window of opportunity to explore the outdoors, and we’re off to chat about the next thing we love about living in the evergreen state. 

Outdoor Exploration 

Whether you’re craving a dip in the water or a trek up the mountain, the Pacific Northwest offers ample opportunity to explore. Indulge in a summer on the Sound, by boat or kayak. Explore the winter wonderland that is our mountain regions

Wine Country 

Though it may not be Napa Valley, Washington’s wine country is filled with vibrant wineries producing top-of-the-line vino! Venture to Eastern Washington to indulge in wine-centric events and gather with your fellow wine lovers over a glass of your new favorite, Washington-made pinot grigio. 

Local Business

In the Pacific Northwest, it’s practically as easy to shop small as it is to support big businesses, which makes investing in your community easy, and finding unique gifts for every holiday a blast!  

Education Opportunities 

With four options for four-year universities and more than 300 options for colleges and career schools, Washington boasts ample options to invest in your post-secondary school experience. 

Foodie Scene 

Whether you’re craving Thai food, Italian, Moroccan, or American cuisine, the Pacific Northwest offers a nearly overwhelming amount of choices for you to indulge in. Looking for an Instagram-worthy treat? We’ve got you covered there too, with delicious desserts and delectable dishes. 

Eco-Conscious Environment 

If being a part of making sustainable changes to prolong the planet is a core pillar of your beliefs, Washington is your place to find like-minded individuals who value recycling over creating waste and prioritize reducing their carbon footprint over convenience. Opt for zero-waste shops, purchase locally sourced goods, and find a home that helps you achieve your goal of minimizing your impact on the planet. 

Dog Friendly 

Is your four-legged friend truly your bestie? In Washington, it’s possible to never leave home without them again, thanks to the diversity of eateries and watering holes that are pet-friendly. Rest assured, many even have a stack of biscuits on hand for your furry friend to enjoy. 


Sports Scene 

Can't spend a weekend without sports? There's always a game going in the Pacific Northwest. Between women's soccer, men's rugby, and our newest addition of hockey, there are seven professional sports teams in the Seattle area alone. 

Your Personal LaunchPad to Adventure 

The diversity of scenery and activities available just a day trip away are unmatched when compared to the offerings of the Pacific Northwest. Take a train to the coast, or hop on The Clipper for a trip to Victoria, CA. Venture to the mountains for a day immersed in the Bavarian-style village, Leavenworth. 

A Community for Everyone

Whether home feels like a small-town, a city-dwelling, or a simple suburb, there are so many unique and thriving communities throughout Washington that there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect place to call home. 

Dive into our Relocation Guide from Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty to learn more about what moving to the Pacific Northwest entails. We’re looking forward to welcoming you with open arms as you start your home search in the evergreen state

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