For Many, the Ideal Home in 2021 Will Have These Things

Posted on: January 5, 2021

As we ring in a new year, many people have a new home on their mind for 2021. Last year, millions of Americans sought out a residence that catered to newfound needs such as a home office, a bigger yard, or convenient access to a trail or nature preserve. Now, the requirements of a home continue to grow as we ask more of them. Here are the things people will look for in the 2021 home search:

A Large Kitchen & Dining Area

The desire to cook has fired up for many over the last several months, with ingredients for banana bread flying off the shelves and a newfound appreciation for a quality meal now that dining out isn’t as accessible as it used to be. A true chef’s kitchen with plenty of space to try out new recipes and store ingredients or equipment is a huge plus for buyers today, not to mention an adequate space for the whole household to gather around the table. 

A Spacious Home Office

Millions of employees have transitioned to working from home during the pandemic, and some will continue to do so after restrictions are lifted. Having space at home to work quietly and efficiently is not only a want, but a need for many buyers. Whether a parent needs this space or a child who is doing remote learning these flex spaces are a valuable asset to any home on the market. 

A Private Yard or Close Proximity to Outdoor Amenities

With many public facilities temporarily closed, having a backyard is a sought-after feature in 2021. While inventory for backyards is lower in urban cities like Seattle, the surrounding suburbs offer plenty of options. For those who desire to stay in an urban area but want easy access to outdoor recreation, they will be looking for condos or townhomes that are close to nature trails, lakes, and parks. 

Indoor Recreation Space

When the rainy days start trickling in, it’s time to engage in an alternate plan for exercise or family fun. The ideal home for buyers in today’s market will have some sort of space that can support indoor recreation such as a movie theater, game room, or gym. 

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