How to Write a Compelling Offer

Whew! We were able to successfully negotiate a winning bid for our fabulous buyers Jordan and Jessie and get this; we did it BEFORE the offer review date! We created a compelling offer and worked with the listing agent to get in the door before anyone else. How you might ask? Here are a few of the items you should include for an offer to be "compelling."

1. Come in over the list price and closer to what you feel is the max you would pay for the place. We did a financial analysis prior to the offer to establish a range.
2. Have a pre-inspection done ASAP, on this home we were the first ones to do one and it was done within 48 hrs of ite being listed.
3. Must be pre-approved! Credit approved even better!
4. Include a document that demonstrates that you already have the $ to close!
5. Quick closing - keeping in mind that TRID can slow you down

Those are just a few of the items that we included in the offer to convince the seller that we were serious and had a compelling offer!