What Do You Want?

Okay, so we’ve all had those moments where we’re looking at someone and feel ready to just belt it out…WHAT DO YOU WANT? We think we know what they want, we try different words, actions, approaches, but in the end, no progress is made. Well, despite my frustrated capital-letter statement, I’d really like to know, what you want. Is there something you’d like to know more about? There are a number of new programs for financing, finding home values, figuring out what a house payment will look like, or how much you’ll net. So, in a soft and professional tone I am asking, what do you want to know more about?

Here are a few topics that might be of interest to you and if one strikes your fanceeeey (a word that must be said in a drawn out manner), please let me know!

1.     Did you know that there is first time buyer down payment assistance?  If your income is $105,000 or less, there is a killer program out there for you that will help get you into your first home!

2.     There are, once again, loans for new construction AND lot loans, so if you have dreamt of building your own little abode…now you can!

3.     Your home value is higher than it has been in YEARS!  Yep, and if 2-3 years ago you were upside down, well heck you might not be now!

4.     Ok here is a crazy new program and yes, it is real.  So let’s say you have a little financial blip in your history that may have the words; short sale, foreclosure, deed in lieu, bankruptcy or something similar. You have cash saved up and would LOVE to buy a place, but alas, no one will give you a loan.  Well, there is a company that will buy your home for you, let you rent it for up to 6 years and you can then purchase it from them at today’s price!  Plus…if it increases in value..the appreciation is all YOURS, and you can even sell your position.  I know…crazy…but true!

5.     Rates are lower than they were about a year ago so your buying power is higher!

6.     Do you want to know the value of your home and be able to check it monthly or more, well there is a new program for that too!

7.     Let’s say you want to buy a vacation home in…Paris, Barcelona, Texas, yep all the primo places in the world. I can help you with that as well.

8.     Okay here is a fun one, let’s say you inherit some great wine that someone says is worth a pretty penny…I can easily direct you to someone at the Sotheby’s Auction House who’d be more than happy to help you out.

9.     What about the wonderful world of design you ask? Do you like quirky looking homes, creative spaces, kitchen redesigns, tree houses, traditional, international homes? So do I!

Alas the list could go on…and on…so please don’t make me ask you again. Send me your thoughts, your ideas, your dream home questions, and let me know what you want!