From Design to Deposit

When I first entered real estate I worked quite a bit with builders and developers and not only infused the design stage with ideas but interfaced with their bankers and their buyers to determine product mix, absorption rates, pricing, demand and sellout projections based on market studies.  I have been called a real estate geek in that I provide my buyers and sellers with financial investment information about the property they are interested in as well as what the future might look like in that area for the financial health of their home as well.  Then I sprinkle in the design side of my brain to see if their future dreams and plans might become a reality and if so, at what price.

Over the years I have continued to delve into who I am and how I might be able to redefine what my mission statement as it relates to my world of real estate.  There are a few consistent factors that re-emerge each and every time and they are connecting with others, collaborating with others and assisting people achieve their goals by providing them with the information and facts that they need to make an educated decision.  Early on in grad school days I was the project leader for a 7 person team selected by the Government of Jamaica to create a redevelopment project with design concepts and financial projections for Port Royal, Jamaica.  The final documents were submitted to the World Bank for financing. 

Over the years I have been fortunate to be on the Governors Affordable Housing Task Force and participated in fighting for affordable housing in the State of Washington for over 10 years.  When the growth management act was being put into place I used formulas from my masters thesis to project the housing needs for Seattle 20 years out.  I have been a member of a The Round Table group as a real estate consultant for large corporations as well as potential developers and investors to assist in the decision making process.  During my design career I designed resorts all over the United States and was not only the senior designer but developed all of the financial feasibility studies for larger mixed use resorts.

Now, I am expanding my reach to a more global level and have been adding several different countries to my portfolio.  I am fortunate to have a tight connection with Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty in South Africa and have been privileged to work with several of their owners throughout the country. So, let me help you find your dream home…wherever it is in this amazing world!